The gardens

The gardens

Raixa is specially well-known because of the gardens that surround the house and reach over the southern slopes of sa Muntanyeta. At the bottom there are the orchards, “dels Tarongers” garden, “de la Galería” garden, with a fountain in the middle, and “d´Entrada” garden with a small pond. An interesting part of the whole is the entrance gate, built in 1898, which bears the coat of arms of count Ramon Despuig i Fortuny, who sold Raixa to the entrepeneur Antoni Jaume in 1910.

The upper gardens were also structured around the monumental staircase dedicated to the god Apollo and perhaps to four muses linked with poetry. Further on, a landscaped path leads to false ruins, a great pond, a grotto, a historicist pavilion, a small chapel and a shrine located at the highest point, which dates back to 1854.

Thanks to the acquisition of the water from the fountain of Pastoritx (Valldemossa) in 1807, the creation of these gardens was accomplished and the great reservoir designed by the engineer Francisco Rigaud de Tirgalle (1753) was transformed into the current water tank that is 82 meters long, 17 wide and 7.5 deep.

From the paths and viewpoints in the upper parts of the garden, the scenery of the house and the surrounding landscape are of great beauty.